Blu-Ray + DVD Combo Pack


EPISODES 140-165

As the battle with the Androids rages on, a fierce evil rises from the shadows: the monster known as Cell! Doctor Gero's heinous creation is the ultimate weapon, a fighting machine built from the genetic material of the greatest warriors ever to walk Earth!

Make room on your shelves because the Dragon Ball Z Season Sets are finally on Blu-ray! We embarked on a frame-by-frame restoration process to remove any blemishes, tape marks, and foreign bodies that might have tarnished your viewing experience. All three audio tracks have been re-mastered in the interest of noise reduction and superior sound quality. The bolder, more vibrant color of this ultimate Dragon Ball Z release closely mirrors the visual aesthetics of today's entertainment. Lastly, we undertook a precise shot-by-shot reframing of the entire series to create a modern HD widescreen presentation of this legendary fan favorite!

  • Re-envisioned: A modern HD widescreen presentation of the entire series.
  • Rejuvenated: More vibrant, and truer than any other release to mirror the visual aesthetics of today's entertainment.
  • 32 Episodes bursting with over 750 minutes of action
  • Over 80 minutes of interviews and extra features

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